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Face To Face or Phone Sessions

In face-to-face sessions I offer counseling, dream analysis, past life integration and energy healing through strobic color light therapy and reiki. I also offer sandplay therapy for adults and children and couples therapy, using the imago method. With phone sessions, which are limited to counseling, dream analysis and past life consultations, I prefer to have met the client in person before meeting long distance. My hourly rate in both cases is $ 130.-

One Week Intensives

For those who after reading my book Past Life Dreamwork feel motivated to do their own in-depth exploration of past life material I offer one week intensives comprised of one-to-two hour sessions a day. In these sessions, I work with dreams and past life regressions induced by strobic color light and help the client integrate the material by doing historical background research.

Testimonials for One Week Intensives

"My one-week intensive with Sabine Lucas was a truly profound and revelatory experience, replete with important realizations and significant breakthroughs. Focusing on both current and past-life issues, many new and valuable insights emerged, along with ways to integrate this material. Over the years, I have worked with a number of analysts - including two well-known American Jungians - and I can say in all honesty that Dr. Lucas is the finest analyst that I' ve consulted. She is not only experienced, sophisticated and perceptive, but also empathetic, caring and supportive. What I found particularly exceptional about her is the way in which she skillfully combined her extensive expertise in traditional Jungian theory with a refreshing openness to metaphysical and spiritual perspectives not usually considered in classical analysis. An added bonus were the comfortable accomodations she arranged in a private home, located in a beautiful, peaceful suburb in Santa Fe."   - Robert, California

"After reading Past Life Dreamwork, by Sabine Lucas, PH.D., I contacted her to arrange a one week intensive, to explore and to find more meaning into pre-birth memories and reoccurring, detailed dreams. My one week intensive with her began in a very profound way, with visitations from two hawks, to her home. Thus began a week of personal in-depth, past life exploration in an environment that offered privacy, quiet, and comfort, with the beautiful, wise Dr. Sabine Lucas.

My one week intensive was very much like that of the hawk, intriguing and mystical, bringing the message of awakening visionary power and life purposes, while at the same time indicating the importance of flying to great heights while still keeping one's feet on the ground. So much like Sabine, who specializes in the unconscious, where memories of our past lives are stored, and who, in an intriguing, spiritual and methodical way regressed and assisted me to explore and awaken the past lives that correlate with this present life, and that need grounding. Sabine facilitated the past life regressions in a highly skilled way that created a sense of safety and confidence within me. I received emotional support when it was necessary.

I was pleasantly surprised with Sabine's historical background research, which again, helped me to understand, integrate and ground the past life dreams and memories. Furthermore, she assumed a holistic approach toward integration, ensuring that I received complimentary energetic work, in the form of Reiki and Acupuncture.

Through her work, Sabine has gifted me, and for that, I feel grateful."   - Elaine, Canada

"In 2008 I gave myself Sabine Lucas' book, Past Life Dreamwork, as a Christmas gift. I knew the book would be important to me after reading its introduction in a Vancouver bookstore catalogue, and over the past fifty years I have come to trust these inner promptings. For each time I have acted upon this intense"knowing" I have learned something important about myself. In this case it was the purchase of Sabine's enthralling book. After reading it I knew I had to write to her and express my admiration for her book and for her courage in writing it. Our subsequent correspondence set in motion a series of events that took me on the most significant journey of self-discovery of my life.

I had explained to her in my emails that I had kept track of my dreams for years and had also done five years of intensive past life work years before. I told her that working with her felt like the natural next step. I was elated when she agreed to take me on for a one week intensive and even was willing to help me find reasonable accomodation by billeting me with a local woman. When after a long, arduous journey I arrived in Santa Fe my hostess and her daughter had a lovely room ready for me and treated me with such care and kindness that I actually cried.

For the next week my days became a familiar pattern. I'd wait until my hostess had left in the morning and I'd get up and make breakfast and then go out into her beautifully landscaped backyard with its many juniper trees and cactus. I'd find a shady spot and journal about my dreams and my sessions with Sabine. Before leaving for Santa Fe I had kept track of my dreams for a month, and at our first session I told her a couple of significant ones. From the beginning she was scrupulously honest with me and expected complete honesty in return. To make any progress in dream analysis honesty with "self" is difficult but imperative. I believe the use of her light machine helped me get into some of my more complex dreams. Sabine has some amazing ways in which she verifies past life identities. She was also willing to do her own historical background research in between sessions.  Although my main goal in interpreting my dreams has always been in healing destructive patterns and integrating constructive new patterns into my present lifetime, identifying the identities of some of my past lives was fascinating and helpful.

By the end of my time with Sabine I had made some amazing connections. Sabine was pleased with my progress and thought I'd be able to maintain my increased energy levels and integration of past life identities. She recommended daily meditation and to continue to keep track of my dreams. Two months after my return home from Santa Fe I became bogged down in interpreting my dreams and wanted to work with Sabine again. I contacted her and asked if she'd work with me once a month by telephone. She agreed. We finally worked out a way to get the most out of the once monthly hour. I typed out my significant dreams and sent them to her before each sessions. This way she was able to zero in on those aspects of the dreams I needed to address. After eight months of intensive work I felt I had made significant progress and ended our sessions together. I am and will always be eternally grateful for Sabine's dedication to helping me find my way to a healthier self. Thank you!"
- Paula, Canada

Spirit Releasement Therapy

I am offering free check-ups to determine if a person is physically, emotionally or spiritually afflicted by entities. For this purpose I need an energy sample, such as a photograph, which can be sent to me by email. The photograph does not have to be a recent one, since even older photographs retain the person’s vibration. I remove entities long distance by placing the energy sample on the evolution coil of my scalar wave system. The evolution coil is based on quantum physics. The high vibration that it generates spins dark energy adhesions from a person’s energy sample, and therefore from the person himself, into space. From there the entity does not find its way back to the host, unless exceptional circumstance prevail. As an after treatment I highly recommend a daily practice of Dr. William Baldwin’s Sealing Light Meditation (see my work page). This will protect a person’s perforated aura from new entity invasions until the energy body has had a chance to heal itself.

This form of spirit releasement therapy is equally effective with adults, babies, children and pets. It clears the body as much as the psyche and even solves some behavioral problems.

My charge for this service is $130, which is to be paid via Paypal in advance. My Paypal account is under my email address.

Testimonial for Spirit Releasement Therapy

"I visited Sabine with two issues on my mind; my young son's tendency toward bouts of depression and my labrador retriever's severe neck pain.  My son would tell me that he felt sadness which was not his, and that he did not know what to do about the terrible way he felt.  I prayed for him, hugged him and supported him, but also felt helpless.  My dog would yelp loudly in pain whenever he would try to turn his neck. The vet gave me a prescription for drugs for my dog, but said that the only real recourse was expensive neck surgery. 

After describing these issues, Sabine's eyes lit up.  She kindly explained to me that neck problems in animals were often caused by entities.  Likewise, my son's troubles clearly sounded as though they were created by an entity.  After carefully asking me further questions about the scenarios, Sabine described to me that she could clear them both.  All I needed was a photo of each of them. 

Returning quickly with the photos, Sabine placed them on her scalar wave sound therapy machine.  Honestly, I felt a little skeptical. I have a background in science and sometimes feel the need for simple, logical, and empirical answers.  However, Sabine explained everything so calmly, and so intelligently, I saw no reason not to see what would happen.  And, as it turned out, I received a simple, logical, and empirical answer.   

Well, I can say that my dog's neck was completely fine within 24 hours.  My son once again acted like his normal self.  Since the clearing, my son has never again complained about sad feelings that were not his.  His behavior runs the normal gamut of emotion, without the frightening extreme that he experienced before the clearing.

Thank you, Sabine!  Thank you for lifting the dark cloud of energy that clung to two of my family members.  Harmony once again reigns in my home.  Thank you."    - Andrea, Santa Fe